Environmental, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering Education

Civil, Environmental and Infrasture Engineering Classes

We currently offer courses for both undergraduate and graduate students in the Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Department at George Mason University. Current classes include CEIE 340 Water Resources Engineering (Undergraduate), CEIE 641 Water Resources Engineering I (Graduate), CEIE 642 Flood Hazards Engineering (Graduate) and CEIE 643 Coastal Flood Hazards (Graduate).  



The Mason Educational Watershed

The Mason Educational Watershed is designed to provide hands-on experience to our undergraduate students raising awareness of natural hazards and infrastructure risk. The George Mason University Fairfax Campus is located on the headwaters of the Rabbit Branch watershed, a relatively small watershed, which ultimately drains into the Chesapeake Bay System. Its richness of streams and a mixture of urban and natural landscape make it the perfect natural laboratory for water resources educational activities. 



Tutorials for online education

Our group is currently developing tutorials to support online and distance learning education. The tutorials are also designed to support our engineering classes @ Mason and research students joining our group. The tutorials series currently cover topics such as hydrological and hydraulic modeling, integrating Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to water resources and coastal engineering, introduction to accessing High Performance Computing (HPC) and hydrodynamic modeling. We freely distributed the tutorials over our tutorials web page.



OutSIDE Classroom: Teaching across America and the World

OutSIDE Classroom: Teaching across America and the World is a project designed to engage the students outside the classroom providing virtual field trips across America and beyond. These videos are designed to support water resources engineering teaching activities and provide support for classroom education. The recordings cover basic theoretical concepts, practical applications, homework questions and more.

The collection of videos is currently available on our YouTube channel and used across our classes. We are working to develop a webpage dedicated to this project.