Arc StormSurge

Integrating Hurricane Storm Surge Modeling and GIS

Arc StormSurge is a data model that integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the hurricane wave and surge model SWAN+ADCIRC, which is the result of coupling the Simulating Waves Nearshore (SWAN) wave model and the Advanced Circulation (ADCIRC) hydrodynamic model. The Arc StormSurge data model is a geodatabase that includes feature classes (in feature datasets) and tables all related through relationship classes; it also includes raster catalogs and grids. In addition to the data model schema, Arc StormSurge includes a number of pre and post-processing tools that help integrate spatial data and numerical modeling. The framework provides a customizable geodatabase to accommodate model input and output and a set of ArcMAP tools designed to: 1) pre-process input data (finite element grid editing, geospatial hydraulic parameters, among others); 2) post-process model outputs from ADCIRC simulations (e.g., time series display for monitoring points, time aware water level layers and cross sections, velocity vectors, and coastal flood zones delineation); 3) read and develop control files for Linux-based MPI. ArcStormSurge facilitates the exchange of information between geospatial databases, updating pre-existing ADCIRC-SWAN files or creating new input files for storm surge simulations. The model outputs are also converted to GIS for use in coastal flood mapping or to be published using web services. 


In the news

Course Change for the Arc Marine Data Model

By Dawn Wright (ESRI Chief Scientist) on September 12, 2014

..."As we increasingly focus on this new Geoinformation Model, while also considering our current resources and available staffing, we at Esri feel that the work of Dr. Celso Ferreira at George Mason University is actually making the most progress in advancing Arc Marine. For example, his lab has already developed its own geodatamodel and ArcGIS tools based on both Arc Marine and Arc Hydro for coastal flooding applications. We would thus like to point the community to Dr. Ferreira as a lead on Arc Marine, and we look forward to promoting and assisting his work where we can."


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